Sunny Faraz: Best in the business

Sunny Faraz: Best in the business

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We all have a strong desire for a hot cup of tea as soon as we get up in the morning.The good flavor of the tea refreshes our body and soul all through the day.We never care think about the type and the quality of tea.Have you heard about tea tasters ?

They are the professional people who analyze the different types of tea flavors found across the world and provide their views about the best quality for production.Tea is the most popular beverage in the world , so , there is a huge demand of tea tasters all around the world.
One of the best tea taster in the world is Sunny Faraz. “There is a rapid growth in this industry with more brands coming with new flavors and type.You can experience that the list of tea types in the hotels menu is expanding these days.There seems to be a new trend in hospitality sector regarding this kind of requirement,” pointed out Sunny.
According to Sunny Faraz, it may seem to be an unusual career option but as a tea taster , you need to taste different types of tea and find what makes them distinct.On the job you will need to visit remote plantations, researching and learning about tea.This helps restaurants , hotels and companies provide their customers best quality of tea.
Owner of renowned tea brand Golden Tea Stores, according to Sunny Faraz, you need to have a strong knowledge of preparation , processing , minute details and history of the tea.
“There is a high importance of decision making in this career.A tea taster should have the understanding of quality and how to test the quality.Communication skill is also important and you should be aware of tea market and the emerging market trends and forces.
Tasting hundreds of cups of tea may seem to be a boring stuff especially when you need to pick the value out of hundreds.You need to have a sharp enough memory to recall the details about taste and preparation for as long as five years ago,” he added.


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