Muzammil Rahman: Star in the making

Muzammil Rahman: Star in the making

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WHEN Muzammil Rahman talks, he means business. This youngster from Bareilly is not only a top notch cricketer but also tasting success in the field of glamour industry.

“I feel good with regard to doing so many things at a time. I firmly believe that my hard work is certainly going to pay off,” Muzammil said.

As is the case with any individual, Muzammil too has a bumpy ride. When he was at his best in his cricketing career, he suffered a serious injury.

“I was shattered to say the least. IPL was just around the corner and my selection was almost certain but my bad luck and rest is history. I would have made the IPL team,” pointed out Muzammil.

Muzammil said he drew inspiration from Virat Kohli and has no doubt in his mind that one day cricketing ”god’ will smile on him.

Coming to the glamour side of thing, Muzammil was first runner up in the Mr UP Uttarakhand in 2016. “My inner desire was always there to make a mark in the modelling and I am happy to share with you that I am in the right path and in the coming years, you would see the best of me,” said Muzammil.

When asked about his recipe for success, he said: “The youth require a a mental faculty endowed with multi-dimensional intelligence. It is not adequate to foster cognitive intelligence alone — as is being done in India’s educational campuses today — but to also develop the other dimensions of intelligence: emotional, social, moral, spiritual, environmental, and innovational.”


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