Gita Khanna: Higher success rate in IVF is the order of the...

Gita Khanna: Higher success rate in IVF is the order of the day

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Lucknow: Sunday happened to be a day of meaningful academic session for about 350 odd gyanecologists across the country who attended a national academic session on “Emerging trends in optimising success in infertility management in Lucknow at Hotel Clarks Awadh. The mega-academic activity was organised under the agies of Indian Fertility Society (IFS) and Ajanta Hope Society of Human Reproduction & Research (AHHR).

The day was also important for Ajanta Hospital & IVF Centre as it successfuly completed a glorious journey of two decades in the field of test tube baby.

Dr Gita Khanna renowned IVF sepcialist and organising secretary of the event, informed that now new techniques, newer methodology, better understanding of human reproduction has led to higher success rates of getting test tube baby (IVF). Each step involved in IVF technique starts from colour doppler flow studies in ultrasonology.

Better hi-tech quality control IVF lab, advanced fertility enhancing Laproscopic and hysteroscopic fertility enhancing surgeries, better harmone drugs in newer protocols better techniques of embryo transfer and endometral preparations, new and safe techniques of freezing embryo and careful positive pregnancy, continuing support are corner stone of higher success ensuring patient safety.

Dr Deepak Malviya director RML Institute of Medical Sciences was the chief guest at the occasion. He inaugrated the session with the lightening of the lamp. He highlighted the importance of adopting newer techniques to increase success rates in IVF and to keep pace with challenging field of reproductive medicines.

The CME had 14 expert speakers of international repute in the field of Assisted Reproductive Techniques(ART), whose declarations pointed out emerging trends covering the vital areas of IVF techniques. The key speakers were veteran gyanaecologists Dr Mamta Deen Dayal from Hyderabad, Dr Sohani Verma, Dr KD Nair, Dr Pankaj Talwar, Dr Kuldeep Jain, Dr Sonia Mallick and De Nikita Trehan from New Delhi. The star speaker on the occasion was Dr Jatin Shah of Bollywood fame IVF consultant. Doyen of IVF in Gujarat Dr Nadkarni couple from Gujrat and Dr Jaish Amin from Ahmedabad also addressed the distingushed audience.


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